• Complimentary Marketing Strategy Session

    Offer Valid: 04/01/2024 - 04/30/2024
    Digital Marketing Strategy
    In our one-hour complimentary strategy session, Payani Media will conduct a detailed audit of your marketing strategies, tools, and technologies. We'll perform a thorough competitor analysis and assess the gaps in the current state of your business and marketing efforts.

    Our examination will extend to your active marketing channels, evaluating the impact of paid campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads, and analyzing your brand's positioning from its identity to website UI/UX. Following our comprehensive review, we will present a customized strategy, highlighting essential changes and areas for improvement or implementation to boost your business's performance and competitive edge.

    Additionally, we will be ready to answer any questions you might have about leveraging AI in your business or any queries related to marketing and integrating new technologies.

    • Marketing Audit

    • SWOT Analysis

    • Competitive Analysis

    • Content Strategy

    • Video Marketing

    • Marketing Channels

    • Budget Allocation

    • Tools & Technologies

    • Action Plan

    This Hot Deal is promoted by Calabasas Chamber of Commerce.

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