• Spirit of Calabasas


  • Each year, the Calabasas Chamber of Commerce bestows the Bill Van Gieson Spirit of Calabasas Award upon a Chamber member to reflect their pioneering spirit, initiative, and outstanding contributions to the community in memory of Van Gieson, who is remembered for his creative leadership in developing Chamber activities.



    David Shapiro has lived in Calabasas since 1994, and has served on the Calabasas City Council since 2012 with three terms as Mayor.

    David serves on many public facing committees including the emergency preparedness, public safety, and communications committee, as elected regional council member for the Council for the Southern California Association of Governments where he represents our COG cities, and the League of California Cities Policy Committee, addressing statewide issues of housing, homelessness, parks, and children.

    Always passionate about the environment, David is a representative on the Clean Power Alliance where he is helping work towards providing renewable and clean energy throughout the City of Calabasas and beyond.

    David is also a huge advocate for seniors, children and teens. He was a member of the Senior Task Force to help design and build the Calabasas Senior Center, served as president of the Parks and Recreation Commission for 6 years, helped establish 5 parks in the City, has coached youth sports for over 16 years, and was instrumental in the formation of the Mayors Youth Council and the Veterans Garden.

    When not advocating for the City of Calabasas, he works at his legal practice and volunteers with philanthropic organizations like the Rotary of Calabasas.

    David is a huge fan of all music, the Dodgers, and his loving family.


    Congratulations to David!

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