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    Exclusive Offer for Chamber Members! - Financial Planning Assessment

    Get exclusive access to our Comprehensive Financial Planning Assessment at a 20% discount for Chamber Members. Includes business owner succession, exit planning, retirement, life transition, and goals-based planning. Start planning your financial future today!

    Financial Planning, Business Owner Succession Planning, Exit Planning, Retirement Planning, Life Transition, Goals Based Planning

    Free Payment Terminal For Qualified Merchants

    Over the last 20 years, GOAT Payments and its partners have saved thousands of merchants millions of dollars on their credit card processing rates and fees. We are so confident in our rates that if we cannot beat your current merchant processing rates and fees, we will give you $1,000.00 just for letting us try. This is a free, no obligation rate analysis.

    We guarantee to save you money on your monthly credit card statements and can offer free equipment to qualified merchants.

    0% Credit Card Processing Fees for Restaurants

    Dual pricing is a strategic approach where two distinct prices are set for the same product or service, based on the payment method chosen by the customer. This method is particularly prevalent in transactions involving cash versus credit payments. It allows for merchants to pass along the fees to the customer and avoid paying a per transaction cost.

    Ask us how we can help restaurants get to 0% processing with dual pricing

    Chamber Advantage: 15% Lifetime Discount on Security Services!

    Enhance your business security with our premier services, now available to Calabasas Chamber members with a lifelong 15% discount. Join forces with us to fortify your defenses and maximize your budgetary advantage, all within the chamber community.

    Strengthen Security, Maximize Savings!

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