Lisa Clayden, new CEO of the Calabasas Chamber of
    Commerce, has hit the ground running, paving the way
    for future success by transforming the Chamber's ideologies
    and member benefits to meet 21st-century needs
    and expectations. In the six months of her tenure, Lisa
    has energetically applied herself to the task of reimagining
    the organization to meet its full potential in the
    post-COVID world. Since assuming the role, Lisa's drive
    has allowed her to accomplish an increase in Chamber
    events and participation, new memberships, a weekly
    newsletter, Chamber committee revitalization, new
    sponsorships, a new cornerstone event in the Spooky
    Fiesta, and the reestablishment of the Calabasas Commerce
    Foundation-providing local students with financial
    scholarships for their continuing education and career
    Lisa is a tenacious leader. In her eyes, the Chamber
    should progress from a largely event-planning organization,
    whose function is to provide opportunities to
    network and grow one's business. She believes it can,
    should, and will be much more, providing expert assistance
    in marketing, communication, and employe
    e development and extending a gracious and warm
    embrace to existing and new businesses. Calabasas
    is a renowned name, with a brand that continues to
    gain global recognition. Lisa's ideas are designed to
    raise the stature of this unique community through a
    robust local economy that meets the expectations of
    its residents, businesses, and city officials. Her strengths
    to assist in this goal include partnership development,
    ingenuity, and leadership. Her integrity, along with an
    understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives,
    aligns with the current climate of economic and
    cultural evolution-one that embodies celebrating and
    supporting everyone.
    Lisa sees the Chamber as an umbrella organization under
    which all businesses and residents can be included,
    contribute, and benefit.

    By bringing her skills and experience to the r o l e - i n concert
    with an e n g a g e d voluntary board of directors-Lisa
    provides the Chamber with the potential to fashion an
    even more successful and vital organization. The Chamber
    will further its mission to advocate for member businesses,
    while remaining a core liaison with the City of
    Calabasas and community leaders. Growth will c o m e
    with a unique approach to promoting and uplifting the
    local economy, utilizing modern practices and platforms.
    The Calabasas Chamber of Commerce with Lisa
    Clayden as its CEO is proudly "Moving Forward."

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