• Chart Your Calabasas Career Course with a Professional Development Plan

    Offer Valid: 05/14/2023 - 05/14/2025

    Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Creating a professional development plan is an important step in furthering your career. With proper planning and dedication, you can reach your goals and make progress toward a successful future. Here are tips on how to get started.

    Set SMART Career Goals

    The first step in creating a professional development plan is setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) goals for yourself. This means setting goals that are specific enough for you to measure progress toward them, achievable but challenging enough to push yourself, relevant to your industry or desired career path, and have a timeline for completion. Having SMART goals will help provide structure and motivation as you work toward furthering your career.

    Assess Your Skills

    Once you have identified your SMART goals, it's time to determine the skills and knowledge needed to reach them. Think about what areas of expertise are necessary for success in the current job market that are not listed on your resume. Are there any certifications or classes that could help enhance those skills? Knowing where you need improvement is key to developing a successful professional development plan.

    Find a Great Mentor

    A great way to learn more about any given field is by finding a mentor who has experience in the industry. A mentor can provide guidance throughout the entire process of furthering one’s career, such as advice on networking tips, resume-building techniques, and how to effectively reach out for job opportunities. Connecting with people who have already achieved success in the field can be incredibly helpful for anyone looking to start their journey of professional growth.

    Revise Your Resume

    Once you get an idea of what skills are necessary to reach your career goals, it's important to update your resume accordingly so employers know what new abilities you possess. Include any certificates or classes taken that demonstrate your skill set, and also include any volunteer experience or internships relevant to the industry. If you're unsure of how to get started, consider using a resume template that will make the process easier.

    Use Free Online Tools

    Utilizing free online tools can be incredibly useful when trying to create content quickly while still looking professional enough to impress potential employers. PDF management tools can prove invaluable when managing files related to research or work experience. PDFs are the optimal file type, since they can be secured more easily than Microsoft Word files and are therefore safer to send out to potential employers or mentors. Utilize a Word to PDF file conversion tool so you can make edits to your resume, cover letter, or professional development plan in Word before transitioning the file to PDF format.

    Create Marketing Goals

    As part of creating a professional development plan, it's important to set marketing objectives within specific fields such as digital marketing or social media. Doing so helps maximize visibility amongst potential employers or clients while allowing your personal brand to shine through various platforms, such as social media or your website. Additionally, having such objectives can also help you stay organized when tracking progress over time.

    Check Your Progress     

    Taking the initiative to advance your career is commendable, but don't forget to check in regularly with mentors and employers. This will help you keep track of progress and make any necessary adjustments before it's too late so that you can stay on target for attaining set objectives. You might also keep a professional journal that will help you see exactly where you've been and which goals you want to focus on next.


    Crafting an effective professional development plan takes patience and dedication, but it's an important step if you have specific goals for your career in mind. Utilizing online resources, such as PDF tools, can help you save money and time during the process. With the right moves, you can grow your career at exactly the right pace while staying on track with your goals.

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